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The House of Valcore

Welcome to the House of Valcore
A Guild on
World of Warcraft!

(Please excuse the crudity of this page, we are under construction)

The House of Valcore exists on many different realms, It exists in the Kingdom of Stanislaus a medieval reenactment and roleplaying society, in the histories of many other similar societies, and now on the Hellscream server of World of Warcraft!
Like the real world House of Valcore, The House of Valcore guild on WoW is a close knit group of players who enjoy the game for what it is. We are a low key guild with a taste for PVP and Battlegrounds, and of course a good quest or dungeon!
Please feel free to browse our links and other activities as they become available!

House of Valcore Guild Message Boards
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