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The House of Valcore
Members Resource Page

Welcome to the House of Valcore member support page!
 This page is set up so that you the member can find much needed information.
Here you will find the resources you need to advance in the Household, and in your respective countries.
For your convenience, information that applies only to the Household or to any groups where members reside, will be listed first. As time goes on, everything necessary for you to advance and become a valued member of your respective group will be posted here.
Heed this important information!  Make our family proud!! UPDATE! The House of Valcore is now proud to be a part of the Kingdom of Styria!! Information on rules laws,weapons and armor for this grand kingdom will be forthcomming as soon as it is made available.

General Information:
(note: some links may not function yet)
Armory Page
Learn to make the House of Valcore legal flat boffer
(thank you Lance for permission to use this stuff!)

Combat and Starter Garb
Basic medieval tunics are perfect for
 new members, fighters and those who don't want their fineries soiled!

 Heavy Boffer Combat Rules
How we do battle!


Blazon Program

Tips and Tricks
Not yet available
Information on all those nifty things that make renaissance living ...well... livable!
The Chivalry
Not yet available
The resource for all things knightly in the Household as well
as in the many nations of the great continent

House of Valcore Docs:

Household Oath of Loyalty
Required for membership in the Household

Combat Qualification Certificate
A marshals signature on this is mandatory before a member may fight in tourney.
 Rigid Light Weapons Rules
Medieval Combat with Europeanized shinai and other weapons

 The Charter of House Valcore
The core rules and moral code of House Valcore

The Kingdom of Styria
Entrance and other requirements

Oath of Loyalty
Not yet available
You need this form filled out properly to join the Kingdom of Styria

Patents of Nobility Form
Not yet available
You need this form properly filled out in order to become a knight or noble.

The Chivalry in Styria
How To become a knight in the Kingdom of Styria

Combat Manual
Not yet available
How the Kingdom of Styria runs their fighting arts

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